Welcome to RK Antique Arms


Dear visitor thanks for visiting this site about collecting antique weapons and militaria.
My name is Ron Klug from the Netherlands and collecting American antique firearms since 1990. I am a member of the “Dutch Arms and Armour Collectors Society”, the “Sharps Collector Association” and the “Colt Collectors Association”. My collection of American antiques ranges from Mexican-American War to the end of the Indian Wars and German WWI and WWII artifacts.

I always strive to collect the highest quality available. To achieve this goal, I sell pieces from my own collection on a regular base.
My collection of antiques firearms begin at the early collectors level and range all the way up to the advanced collector and investors level.
I am always looking for original fine antique weapons and accoutrements.

Looking forward hearing from you and always be helpful to answer your questions.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Ron Klug


All weapons shown here are considered as antiques and do not require a license according to Article 18 RWM in Dutch weapons regulations.