Accoutrements collection

All pictures are not edited and made with professional photo studio light. If you are interested in a piece showing on this page please don’t hesitate to ask.

Colts Patent Naval Flask.

Second type Colts Patent marked 1851 Navy flask with pattern on both sides. Made by Dixon and Sons of Sheffield England. This is the only Naval flask with pattern on both sides. All original, rare piece in very fine condition.
This flask is for 2nd and early 3th Model 1851 Navy revolvers.

Colts Patent Naval - Army Flask.

Final design Colts Patent Colt Model 1851-1861 Naval and 1860 Army Flask. Made in the U.S. with pattern on one side. This flask has the correct 1860 Army charger, so this one is for the Colt 1860 Army revolver. Some minor dents on the backside, all original. Difficult not easy to find piece in fine condition.

Large Eagle on Hummock Flask. 

Earliest flask with this design on both sides made by Capwell. This type flask is for a Pocket type revolver, like the Colt Baby Dragoon or Colt Model 1849 Pocket or any other maker of pocket type revolvers. Rare item in excellent condition.

Small Eagle and Shield Flask.

Made by Matthewman and later by American Flask Company in 1857. Design on both sides with “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (Out of many, one) in a banner. These type of flasks were used for the Root type revolvers. Rare flask in excellent condition.

Eley Bros Cap Tin.

An early & scarce Civil War “Colt’s Patent, Eley Bros” 250 count cap tin in fine untouched condition. all original and complete. The tin has a full and visible label on it. The outer tin retain has no dents in it and is untouched throughout.

Brass Colts Patent Navy bullet mold.

A rare 2nd style Colts Patent brass bullet mold, .36 cal. This straight leg mold is hinged through the forward section of the spru-cutter and both blocks. The spru-cutter is of the rounded form, and finished “in the white”. The “Colts Patent” legend is still visible across the face of the right block. This is the correct mold for the Later First Model and Early Second Model Colt 1851 Navy. Extremely rare and hard to find mold in any condition.

Iron Colts Patent Navy bullet mold.

This final style iron straight legs mold is for the .36 cal Colt 1851 and 1861 Navy Models revolvers. This mold is usually marked “Colt’s Patent” with the apostrophe. The civilian molds (like this one showed in the pictures) are invariably marked on the right block “36B” for Belt Model. Factory stamped small in house inspection stamps may appear on either block and/ or the spru-cutter. This mold is correct for the Third and Fourth Model 1851 Navy’s and the Model 1861 Navy revolver. Fine untouched condition.

Iron Colts Patent Army bullet mold.

This regular Civilian iron thin bow legs .44 caliber mold is for the Colt Model 1860 Army revolver. The “Colt’s Patent” with an apostrophe is stamped on the spru-cutter, between the hinge pin and the funnel. The civilian models have “44H”, H for Holster, stamped across the top face of the right block, and on either, the block or the spru cutter a letter (P, S or L, etc.) for an Inspector is stamped. The mold is finished in a high grade blue which is correct for civilian molds.  Sharp and crisp cavity’s with factory blue finish left on this difficult to find mold in fine condition.

Brass Colts Patent 1849 Pocket mold.

This brass straight leg .31 caliber mold is for the early Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolver. The “Colt Patent” legend is stamped across the top face of both blocks, between the hinge pin and the funnel. A small letter may be viewed on the top shoulder of the right block, or alternatively on the side of the right block, the mold showed in the pictures has the letter “O” stamped. A rare piece in very good plus to fine condition.

Iron Colts Patent 1849 Pocket mold.

This iron .31 caliber mold is for the later type Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolver. The mold is market with “Colt’s Patent” and invariable has the apostrophe (like the one showed in the pictures). The right block will be stamped with “31PKT”, PKT for Pocket, stamped across the top of the right block. This type mold is correct for the Colt 1849 Pocket Model from the late 1856 onwards, and for the 1855 New Model Root Revolver in .31 caliber manufactured after 1860. The mold shown here has almost all of its original factory blue finish left and is in fine condition. Common piece.

Iron Metropolitan Navy mold.

This iron .36 caliber Metropolitan Arms Company Navy mold has original factory blue finish left and has crisp cavity’s. This mold is in fine untouched condition. Very hard to find extremely rare piece.