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If interested in buying one of the antique firearms on this page please keep in mind that each country has its own import rules. You need to verify with your countries customs the legality of the item you are interested in purchasing.

All weapons are sold as antiques and curios only so no liability accepted if firearms are fired.

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Danish Rolling Block Model 1867/96 .45 Danish (45-70 Gov.)

Danish Rolling Block Model 1867 / 96 rifle. Manufactured in 1879, standard rifle with 35” inch barrel which remains 90% plus original blue. Original rear sight and standard front sight. Excellent plus wood with none handling and storage marks, perfect “Crown” stamped on left side stock and left side forearm. Right side stock has a small brass Regiment button marked “JR 335”. Complete action has 60 % case hardening
remaining. All parts are military sub-inspected. Mint (as new) bore and mechanically perfect. This rifle probably never left the arsenal after inspection, hard to find correct unissued piece.

Price: 1995 Euro


Iron Metropolitan Navy mold.

This iron .36 caliber Metropolitan Arms Company Navy mold has original factory blue finish left and has crisp cavity’s. This mold is in fine untouched condition. Very hard to find extremely rare piece.

Price: 680 Euro


Iron Colts Patent Navy bullet mold.

This final style iron straight legs mold is for the .36 cal Colt 1851 and 1861 Navy Models revolvers. This mold is usually marked “Colt’s Patent” with the apostrophe. The civilian molds (like this one showed in the pictures) are invariably marked on the right block “36B” for Belt Model. Factory stamped small in house inspection stamps may appear on either block and/ or the spru-cutter. This mold is correct for the Third and Fourth Model 1851 Navy’s and the Model 1861 Navy revolver. Fine untouched condition.

Price: 625 Euro